INSIDER™ Fitness Kit

INSIDER™ Fitness Kit

INSIDER™ Fitness Kit

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Take your workout to the next level with our Fitness Kit.

It is supplied with everything you need to keep training your body even when you are away from the gym, thanks to a 5-in-1 kit designed by experts to allow you to have a full-body workout and maintain the archived results, directly from the comfort of your home.


  • Enhance your breathing, speed, and coordination with jump rope workout.
  • Improve your six-pack and balance with the updated AB Roller, provided with the double rubber-coated wheel to improve stability during the exercise.
  • Lock your knees and prevent injuries during your training with the comfortable anti-slip knee mat.
  • Reinforce your grip and your forearms muscles with the Hand Grip.
  • Pushup grips had a non-slip base that helps you maintain good form while you crank up the intensity.



    • 1 x Upgraded AB Roller
    • 2 x Push-Up Bar
    • 1 x Adjustable Jump Rope
    • 1 x Hand Grip
    • 1 x Knee Protector Pad



      • Anti-slip resistant foam.
      • Durable steel.
      • High-resistance polypropylene.
      • Thermoplastic rubber.
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